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Evan Kidera & Gil Tayumo, Senor Sisig

In the Beginning: Tacos

Before the gourmet food truck craze came to a fast boil, there was plain old taco trucks, a bit of history not lost on 28-year old Evan Kidera, co-owner of Senor Sisig, specializing in Filipino-Mexican fusion fare.  (Sisig appears Wed. 8/31 in San Carlos; click here for details) “Tacos were our foundation,” Kidera said.  “They [...]

The Speedy Panini Duo

The Un-Taco (Italian Gourmet) Food Truck

The Speedy Panini guys want to make one thing clear: they’re not doing tacos.  The Italian Gourmet food truck appears Wednesday, August 31st at The Mobile Gourmet’s Fly Me to the Food event in front of Hiller Aviation Museum between 11am-2pm. “They’re all doing tacos,” Graziano said, sounding slightly mystified at the number of food [...]

Monarcas Mexican Cuisine Opens…Quietly

Monarcas Mexican Cuisine Opens…Quietly

Upscale restaurant Monarcas Mexican Cuisine at 1107 San Carlos Avenue opened without notice or fanfare today.  As the name implies, if it’s burritos and tacos you’re after, find someplace else. Owners Homero Gomez and Jorge Zaragoza hail from Michoacan, Mexico.  The western state is the winter home for monarch butterflies – monarcas – that migrate [...]

Voila! A New French Restaurant for San Carlos

Voila! A New French Restaurant for San Carlos

Ever since The Laurel Street Café closed in 2008, San Carlans have dined without French food as an option, but a new restaurant now under construction will soon solve that little problem. 31-year old Geoffroy Raby, a native of Lille in the north of France, has spent eight years working on the concept of Cuisinett, [...]

Long line for the Nom Nom gourmet food truck at Hiller Aviation Museum

Food Truck Scene Makes a Play for the Burbs: Now in San Carlos

Trendy eating experiences are no longer confined to Laurel Street (and San Carlos Ave.), the East side of San Carlos has got food game, on Wednesdays at least. The Mobile Gourmet introduced the weekly, upscale food truck event from 11AM to 2PM in the front lot at Hiller Aviation Museum on Skyway Road at the [...]

Why So Many Mexican, Italian (Whatever) Restaurants?

Why So Many Mexican, Italian (Whatever) Restaurants?

A new Mexican restaurant – Monarcas- is set to open on San Carlos Avenue, just a few doors down from La Cornetta Taqueria.  No doubt, Monarcas hopes to stand out by dubbing itself, “Mexican Cuisine.” An upscale play may help Monarcas distinguish itself from the competition.  It joins a crowded field of nine(ish) Mexican eateries [...]

Seiya:  Japanese Tapas

Seiya: Japanese Tapas

Another Japanese restaurant to choose from in San Carlos. The opening of Seiya at 741 Laurel makes it the city’s sixth Japanese restaurant.  Chef/partner Kuo Hwa Chuang knows it’s a crowded field, but believes his modern take on the cuisine will set his place apart. “This is contemporary Japanese, sushi and Izakaya,” said Chuang, taking [...]

Panels separate the kitchen from the dining room at Red Hot Chille Pepper

Upscale Red Hot Restaurant Debut

San Carlos’ changing demographics are drawing entrepreneurs to open trendy new restaurants in the once staid city. The latest example is Red Hot Chilli Pepper that opened Friday May 27th in the space formerly known as Vic’s (the closing of which led to serious mourning). Gone is the familiar, traditional interior.  In its place is a [...]

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