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Hot Harvest Nights: Almost End of Season

Hot Harvest Nights: Almost End of Season

Sometimes, a vendor at Hot Harvest Nights takes  the selling of simple, fresh produce and elevates it into, well, art. Case in point:  these boxes of berries perfectly arranged on a tablecloth of royal blue.  Eye popping and stunning.  The berries were awesome, too. Bought some vegetables and made a soup recipe out of my [...]

The Laurel Street's Spy New Food Obsession:  Padron Peppers

Pining for Padron Peppers

Why didn’t I buy FIVE baskets of Padron Peppers at Hot Harvest Nights?  Well, probably because they’re 4 bucks a basket and I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out.   Now that I’ve made them, I don’t care how much the blasted things cost, have them I must. The mild peppers are popular in Tapas [...]

Spring garlic at the Hot Harvest Nights farmers market in San Carlos

Farmers Market – Growing (And Grousing)

Three pressing questions spring to mind on the subject of Hot Harvest Nights. First, why does the wind kick up just in time for the start of our weekly farmer’s market? Second, why do people bring their dogs?  Do they not see the “No Dogs!” signs everywhere?  (Dogs are a complete distraction for a “dog [...]

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