Want to Feel Better About San Carlos’ Rental Prices?

Demand for rental housing is strong in San Carlos, so it’s no surprise prices are on the steep side.  A 2/1 single family home on Hull is renting for $2,850 a month.  (Check out realtor Chuck Gillooley’s, “Demand Spikes for Rentals in SC, Peninsula” post in White Oaks Blog)

Still, there’s always a place where prices are even higher.  Okay, way higher.  Found such a location today:  an inconvenient distance from grocery stores and schools, not to mention the weather is often cold, clammy and foggy.  There, an 850 sq. ft 1/1 rents for $2,595 (and that’s a minimum; plus utilities + a $500 deposit for a cat).

Kobbe Residential Area in The Presidio

That place is the Presidio’s Kobbe Terrace Neighborhood east of Fort Winfield Scott…where the Laurel Street Spy ventured today.

There are lots of other leasing options in the Presidio public park in SF, including apartments, duplexes, single family homes and some big places, too.

1337 Pope Street, SF: a $15,000 a month rental

This 4,000+ sq. ft house at 1337 Pope Street is pretty impressive.  Built in 1915 in the Georgian Revival style, it’s housed army generals in the past, but someone is now paying in the neighborhood of $15,000 a month for the updated 7/4.5.  For pics of the interior, Hot Pads has ‘em.




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