Who Wants to Move City Hall?

San Carlos City Hall, 600 Elm Street

Is the City Council, along with City officials, seriously considering moving City Hall someplace else?

Depends on who you talk to.  Council member Matt Grocott likes the idea for a number of reasons, which he explained to reporter Michelle Durand in an article that appeared in today’s edition of the Daily Journal.  Click here to read, “City Haul? San Carlos looks at renovating or moving facilities.”

The Laurel Street Spy contacted Mayor Andy Klein for his take on the idea.

Mayor Klein said the topic was discussed years ago, before he was in office, but doesn’t think it’s going to go anywhere. “It didn’t have traction back then and I don’t think it has any traction now,” he said, adding the cost of moving would make it difficult to justify given other priorities facing the city.

As for Council member Matt Grocott’s statement to the Daily Journal that moving City Hall from its location on Elm Street to the east side of San Carlos could help solve the ongoing problem of residents there feeling left out, Mayor Klein said, “Sending them the bureaucracy doesn’t pull them into the fold.”

In any case, a discussion can’t take place until a draft facilities plan is finished in four to six months.

In the DJ  article, Parks & Rec Director Doug Long is quoted as saying moving City Hall is, “a very faint part of the conversation.”



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