Good News for the Where’s-a-Good-Place-for-Families-to-Eat Crowd

1037 Laurel Street, future site of Morty's Restaurant

While San Carlos has plenty of restaurants, residents often complain about the lack of family friendly options. A new restaurant now under construction aims to fill the void.

Morty’s is set to open in January in the old Cantina space at 1037 Laurel.

Local entrepreneur Michael Shifrin describes the concept as American casual, saying: “It’s not Town, it’s not The Office (Bar & Grill) and it’s definitely not the Clooney’s crowd. It’s oriented toward family dining.”

There’s nothing like a kid’s menu to back up that up. Shifrin sent The LSS an early version of the menu which includes meals just for children. The $5 choices: grilled cheese, 5-inch cheese or pepperoni pizza, cheese burger, not-your-mom’s mac and cheese, sautéed spring vegetables…each with a side of fries or fruit.

For grown-ups: salads, fresh-ground burgers made from hormone-free beef and lamb, pizza and entrees ranging in price from $17-$23 that include choices like fire grilled rib eye, slow braised short ribs, oven roasted chicken and pan seared salmon. There’s also a selection of appetizers, sides, shakes and cocktails from a full bar.

The former Cantina space is undergoing a total remodel. The front of the building will open to the outside and be pushed back to accommodate outside dining.


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  1. Jocelyn says:

    I can only hope it’s quieter than either Town or The Office. The din in those places is deafening, I find.

  2. Bob Winters says:

    I used to enjoy the Mexican food there, the problem was always parking.

    • debramonroe says:

      Bob…I don’t recall having parking problems on that part of Laurel, but I didn’t eat there that often. Well, that’ll be interesting.

  3. Aahz says:

    Maybe people complain, but honestly it seems like there are plenty of
    family-friendly places around here (judging by how often I see kids and
    toddlers), ranging from Mack’s at the south end to Kaya at the north end.
    There also some family-friendly places that could use more business, such
    as Ingleside.

    • debramonroe says:

      Aahaz…Ah, Ingleside! You are all too right. I suspect this is a location-challenge. Places right on El Camino are all too easily by-passed…

      My children are now young adults. Back when they were much, much younger – in toddler territory – we didn’t dare take them to popular, trendy restaurants because, well, no one else did. Now, more people do and there may be more general acceptance of kids being kids.

  4. Kevin says:


    Was there any indication of Morty’s intended business hours? Families tend to disappear after about 8pm and if they plan to stay open later I suspect there’s room there for more than family fun.

    There’s certainly more room in the new back patio area and the front looks like a nice spot for a beer, the same way the crowd at the Refuge enjoys.

    Love the “Spy” idea, btw.

  5. G says:

    Grand Opening Thursday! Heard they have deals going on from 5-10pm from a reliable source, stop by and check it out.

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