Town Too Noisy For You? A Fix is in the Works

Not a sign of an apocalypse...Town is closed for remodeling

Diners who’ve complained about the noise level at super popular restaurant Town…the owners have heard you above the din.

The Avenir Restaurant Group has closed Town for what’s described as a, “week-and-a-half quickie spruce-up” that includes the installation of sound absorbing fabric on the ceiling to help lower the volume when it gets busy. (And when is it not busy?)

The project is focused on the interior, mostly the kitchen which will get new equipment and piping. The floors in the dining room are being resurfaced while some of the booths are getting new upholstery.

Town at 716 Laurel Street will reopen for dinner the day after Thanksgiving, November 25th.



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  1. Mary says:

    This is great news. There are restaurants we simply cannot go to because the noise level is painful. Refuge is one. Ha! Just realized the irony of their name.

    • debramonroe says:


      Oh…the clinking and clanking of plates, the raised, excited voices…bouncing off hard floors, ceilings and walls. I’m just now beginning to appreciate the muffling benefits of certain fabrics that are currently out of fashion.

  2. Bob Winters says:

    I love Refuge, but the noise is deafening! We ate there on Wednesday night and it was so loud, our waitress had to shout at us. I noticed amongst the loud conversation was LOUD background music driving the volume higher. The sacrifices we make for awesome pastrami & Belgian ale! :)

    Looking forward to toned down Town.

  3. Karen says:

    We’ve “boycotted” Town because of the noise so it’s great to hear they are addressing the issue. My current gripe is the construction crew is taking up valuable parking behind the restaurant (I know – I’m being petty).

  4. CE says:

    So glad that Town is addressing the noise level – we cannot go there with my 76 year old mom because she cannot hear our table conversation due to the noise. We will be glad when we can dine there once again for family celebrations!

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