City Council Highlights: Style, a Lawsuit & Another Change for Fire?

Who knew a style report might be in order for city council meetings?

Since lamentably few citizens show up, all that style is completely wasted. So let’s start off with that,shall we?

The LSS Style Report (and analysis)

Mayor Andy Klein is letting his crew grow out, but not too long.  Hair length perfectly acceptable for a young mayor.

Councilman Matt Grocott showed up sporting a ‘stache and beard giving him a decidedly artsy look..Johannes Vermeer-ish.

The AT&T Lawsuit

Maybe the biggest surprise of Monday night’s relatively short City Council meeting was the revelation that AT&T filed a lawsuit against San Carlos over the resolution denying its conditional use permit for a new antenna at 260 Shelford Drive.

City attorney Greg Rubens said the suit was filed just before the Thanksgiving holidays and that he’s, “in consultation with in-house counsel for AT&T to discuss the lawsuit,” and said he give an update at a future date.

The city council voted unanimously to uphold that resolution, a legal formality required to make it a part of the written record in case of eventualities like…a lawsuit.

Another Change for the SC Fire Dept?

It seems there’s some discussion that the San Carlos Fire Department – now managed by Redwood City – may in the future share a fire station with San Mateo County. That idea will be presented to the city council “for possible direction” on January 31, 2012.

Controversial ICLEI

A new item was added to the council’s agenda for February 15, 2012: A presentation will be made on the pros and cons of ICLEI membership. ICLEI stands for International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives.

It’s an association made up of 1220 local government members committed to sustainable development.

While ICEI has its supporters, it also has its detractors (some of whom have written the LSS expressing their outrage and concern of a conspiracy) who believe global warming and environmental problems are used as an excuse to take power away from the federal government in order to set up a “soviet system that is based on Regionalism.”

The 1700 Block of Laurel

The City Council made it official. The 1700 block of Laurel is changing from 4-hour parking to 2-hour parking.

Acting public works director Al Savay explained to the council that the 1700 block now has more smaller businesses (like a day spa, Jimmy’s Barber Shop and Mack’s BBQ) with a higher turnover of customers who need parking spaces for shorter periods of time. People have been parking in the spaces for the whole four hours, making it a challenge for customers to find a spot.

Councilman Randy Royce asked Al Savay if the city had talked to the owners of The Office Bar & Grill about its contribution to the parking problems on the south end of Laurel. Savay said the owners are aware of the issue.

Councilman Brad Lewis expressed his concern that solving the problem for businesses might, “kick it down the street to residents” as was the case with Trader Joe’s when it opened.

Mayor Andy Klein noted that the change to 2-hour parking might keep employees from The Office from parking on that stretch of Laurel because it would be too inconvenient to keep moving their cars every couple of hours.



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