An Amped Up Christmas on Eucalyptus

One of Newman's two houses...the day-time version

Here’s a prediction that can’t go wrong: Eucalyptus Avenue in San Carlos will deliver another shock-and-awe Christmas light show beginning tonight, December 1st.  Expect traffic and lots of blinking and jaw dropping.

David Newman, who owns the two houses that arguably draw the most attention on the street, says he made some changes this holiday season.

First, he’s added LED lights. He’d like to add more but since they’re three times the cost of regular lights, he’s waiting for prices to drop before he stocks up.

“We’ve also brought in some real trees. We’re trying to get away from the plastic stuff,” said Newman, who’s added to his display every year for the last 20 years or so.

David Newman

How can Newman afford to do all this? A little background is in order: Newman owns D&J Tile Company, based in San Carlos. It handles high-end commercial and residential tile and stone projects, including the Westfield Mall, the Ferry Building and the Cal Academy of Science in San Francisco, just to name a few.

This explains why Newman didn’t blink while explaining he spent $30,000 to install 300 amps of power for the houses, the outlets around the properties and all the special stuff built under the eaves to get everything set up. And yes, all those lights run on timers.

Newman notes the Frankoni’s across the street (the house with the giant Christmas tree) have a lot of lights, too, but do a better job in the decoration department. “I’m more into the lights, into the flash-bang,” he said.

Newman said a family down the street started the tradition. His contribution? We just bumped it up a notch,” he said, smiling.

FAQ’s. Posed to Newman..and the Answers:

How many lights are there?

½ million to ¾ million.

What’s the PG&E bill?

Last year: $4,000. This year estimated: $5,000-5,500 (The LSS wants to know the actual cost now that those darned smart meters are in!)

Where does he store all the stuff?

His business facility in San Carlos

How long does it take to put up all the lights?

400-500 hours and yes, he has help. About 4-5 of his employees assist. He also uses a cherry picker for those hard-to-reach places.

How long does it take to take down?

About two days. Some stuff gets tossed because it’s impossible to take down without ruining.

Where does he buy all the lights and decorations?

Everywhere. From Target to online. Newman doesn’t have one favorite source, although he says he prefers to buy products made in America, like the lawn ornaments made in Oklahoma.



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  1. A.Adam says:

    I do enjoy the show of lights that the neighbourhood puts on but with so many people unemployed & families struggling to make ends meet, I can’t help but feel uncomforable about the extravagant display they put on. Why not donate the money to help those less fortunate? Isn’t that the true meaning of Christmas?

  2. Hank says:

    As a resident of San Carlos on and off for the last 50 years (wow I’am getting old) I believe what Mr. Newman and his neighbors contribute to the community is invaluable ! They are donating there hard earned money and time to bring much joy to thousands and thousands of people ! I know first hand that various Senior Centers in the area van pool on a nightly basis to bring much happiness to the less fortunate. The generosity and goodwill that our neighbors on Eucalyptus bring to our City should be commended. Adam ? What’s next ? No tree’s ? No Lights ? No hope ? A black Christmas ? I feel that the contributions our friends and neighbors on Eucalyptus are donating each year……..are helping the less fortunate in a BIG WAY each and every night those lights are SHINING !

    • Laverne says:

      Oh my Gosh………….Hank, I so agree!! I walked my dogs everyday while Mr. Newman was working with his men and was so impressed that he would spend his money, time, and energy doing this for all of us that live in San Carlos and the cities close to us…….we all think he is the BEST for doing this for the City of Good Living!

      Thank you Mr.Newman from all of us that live here that enjoy what you do for us!!

  3. GCAL says:

    This display brings much joy to my 80+yr old Mom, and it is a great way for us to bond multiple times during the Christmas season. For that, I thank the good folks of Eucalyptus, San Carlos.

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