Debut Night: Xmas on Eucalyptus (and about that Jeep)

Pictures Really Don't Do It Justice!

Wow. David Newman’s two houses entered Disney electric light parade territory on Eucalyptus Avenue’s first night of holiday lights.

While Newman is known for his wild and crazy light show, just down the street…there’s the house with the Jeep.

Stephanie Moody says her family’s signature decoration was her husband’s inspiration five years ago.

He jacked up his jeep and turned it into a modern take on Santa’s sleigh. This year, they’ve added more reindeer.

Stephanie took a break from decorating to set the LSS straight on a few myths about living on San Carlos’ famous Christmas street:

*The residents do not have a “pact.” It’s just something they do…inspired by each other.

*When someone buys a house on Eucalyptus, they’re not asked to make a commitment. “There’s no resident association or anything like that,” said Stephanie.

*Information about the lights and disruption caused by traffic are part of disclosures made during real estate transactions.



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  1. Bob Farkas says:

    Thanks to all the residents of Eucalyptus! Merry Christmas!

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