Another Round for the Carlos Club?

The owner of the Carlos Club on El Camino wants to expand. San Carlos Police Chief Greg Rothaus is on the record. He does not approve.

Rothaus sent a staff report to the city citing safety concerns. Mostly, he’s worried that the City of Good Living has way too many places serving alcohol compared to other cities of similar size and demographics.

San Carlos has 73 liquor licenses with, according to Rothaus, “an overconcentration in the downtown of which the Carlos Club is a part.”

By comparison, Belmont has 38 liquor licenses and Foster City has just 29.

Rothaus’ totally unambiguous memo is included in a 46-page report (!) from the planning department to the planning commission, which will take up the San Carlos Club’s request for a conditional use permit Monday at 7pm. Click here to check out the original docs yourself.

With all those liquor licenses, it’s not a complete surprise that San Carlos has more public intoxication arrests than other similar cities, too.

In 2010, San Carlos arrested 132 while Belmont arrested 73 and Foster City…just 33.

(The Laurel Street Spy profiled First Chance in San Carlos…where some cooperative individuals arrested for DUI’s in San Mateo County are sent instead of jail. The Carlos Club on El Camino had the dubious honor as the most frequently named place in 2010 where arrestees said they had their last drink. Click here to read, “After a DUI: Jail vs. First Chance.)

The planning department recommended denying Fred Duncan’s Carlos Club application back in October.

Members of the planning commission agreed to consider Duncan’s request to expand his business outside after Duncan and his architect met with city staff in October, made some changes and resubmitted plans the following month.

The highlights:

*Limit hours of operation of the patio from 4am to 12am with entertainment ending at 10pm;

*Security guard at each entry and exit while patio is open;

*Improved lighting;

*A deck used for “acoustic performers” (also known as music ) moved to the southwest corner…with music focused inward toward the patio and not out toward the alley;

*Bathrooms! “One restroom per gender per Plumbing Code requirements” (LSS analysis: and that, folks…is a BIG thing considering public concerns about the lack of facilities at The Office Bar and Grill…and the alleged nocturnal peeing going on in the vicinity…just ask certain pissed-off local business owners.)

For more: the LSS recommends reporter Michelle Durand’s story in the San Mateo Daily Journal that includes interesting quotes from Police Chief Rothaus.



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  1. Margaret Pye says:

    Re : nocturnal peeing and “pissed off” local business owners: very funny, Spy!! :)

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