Brad Lewis: In-between Projects & Ready to Go

Brad Lewis photo credit City of San Carlos

Former SC Mayor/Pixar Director Brad Lewis is the newly chosen Interim Member of the City Council, a seat made vacant by the unexpected death of Mayor Omar Ahmad last month.

The City Council last night ( 6/6) voted unanimously to appoint Lewis to the temp job, which runs through December.  Lewis starts his new (familiar) gig at the City’s next council meeting June 13th.

General observations:  There are two types of San Carlans…those who knew about the vacancy and the attempt to fill it and those who had no clue.  Also, Brad Lewis has some serious name recognition.  Even people who could care less about local politics seem to know who he is.  “Oh!  the Cars director guy!”   (These observations based on random, informal polling done over last week…which means if you’re one of the people I chatted up in line for coffee, you now have an explanation for the nosy questions)

Now that he’s the guy…here are some highlights from his application.  No stealth manuevers required to unearth said doc.  It was easily accessible, thanks to the City of San Carlos which posted all 11 applications on its website.

Why did he want the job that pays a $300 monthly stipend and requires twice monthly evening meetings?

Lewis:  I have fond memories of serving on the Council and felt that I would provide continuity for the community, and staff.  Having recently served, I believe I can get up to speed on the current issues and help Council stay on pace and work well with the team.

Experience that makes him the right person for the job?

Lewis:  I served on City Council for 4 years from 2005-2009 and previously served on the Park and Rec Commission for 5 years.  I’ve also participated in many community organizations over the last 20 years.  My professional experience as producer and director at Pixar gives me unique perspective and experience that bring a different prism to serving on Council.

Three biggest challenges facing San Carlos?

Lewis: 1) solving the fire reorganization; 2) adjusting to the new budget situation; 3) looking forward to Wheeler Plaza and other improvements in the community.

What needs improving in the city?

Lewis:  The Council and staff have done the difficult budget and organizational work over the last two years, monitoring the changes, and inspiring staff and the community to reinvigorate new ideas are broad areas to concentrate on.

Do you have time for the job?

Lewis:  Yes.  I’m between projects at work and my schedule is completely clear.

(Note:  Mr. Lewis wrote his answers the old fashioned way, by hand, in some very nice block print.  Any typos are mine. )









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