The Buster Posey Movin’ to San Carlos Rumor

(For an update on this story, read RIP: The Buster Posey-San Carlos Rumor)

I go on vacation for two weeks and when I return I ask a friend, “So what happened while I was away?” and she replies, “Buster Posey bought a house in San Carlos!”

“Where’d you hear that?” I wanted to know.

Said friend goes on to quote numerous friends, friends of friends and friends of her young adult daughter.  At some point in this lengthy narrative, Eaton Avenue is mentioned.  (This has a certain ring of authenticity.  Unlike, say, properties in Devonshire Canyon, Eaton may actually offer the possibility of a one-story home necessary for a young man with a broken leg and ankle.)

So I walk into Starbucks and approach a middle-aged blond who’s reading a pile of newspapers and has the distinct look of a Giants fan.  Sure enough.  Not only has she heard the rumor, she says it’s true.  How does she know?  Her friend, who loves the Giants so much she travels to spring training, told her.

A couple hours later, I’m surprised so many people I run into have not only heard the story, but swear it’s true.

A neighbor said he first heard the Posey-is-movin’-to-San Carlos-rumor from our mailman although lower Eaton was mentioned, which he thought unlikely as lower Eaton couldn’t possibly provide the lot size to ensure the privacy of the popular 24-year old catcher and his wife.

Which leads to further speculation by others that Posey is interested in upper Eaton, which adds a nice touch of credibility to the whole thing as anybody who understands San Carlos real estate knows upper Eaton is pretty posh, boasts giant lots and has price tags worthy of someone making $575,000 a year.

The rumor is, well, both fascinating and touching.  Fascinating because of it’s specificity and that some people – who will go unnamed – admitted to driving or walking along Eaton Avenue (both sides of the Alameda) trying to identify the property-in-question.

Touching because people seem sincerely excited that Posey would choose to make San Carlos his home.  (It’s unlikely Posey would need to use the Caltrain Express as his method of transportation to and from work although it’s a highly entertaining idea).

Especially touching because there’s even concern that Posey – such a young, hardworking fellow with a last known address in Orinda – might overspend on a house when the future is (agonizingly) uncertain.

So is there any credibility to the rumor?

Heck if I know.  Yet.  Yes, agents have heard the rumors, too.  As one local agent put it, nothing is confirmed and no local agent is believed to be repping Posey.

I’ll try contacting Posey’s “people,” but since I’m not a sportscaster/writer, not holding out much hope.

If you have any idea how or where this rumor started, feel free to comment.



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  1. Fossil says:

    I don’t have any confirmation of the rumor but it is logical that he would relocate (even if temporarily) to a ranch style rental property in an area closer to AT&T Park and his doctors. I never really bought into the initial rumor that he was moving further out into Contra Costa County.

    • debramonroe says:

      Well heck, Virginia,
      There’s that intriguing specificity again! A RANCH style RENTAL property. Not a SPANISH style. Not a TRADITIONAL style. Not a house for purchase but a RENTAL. Mmmm. Are you sure you don’t have confirmation?

  2. Fossil says:

    Ha ha…No insider info. Just a hunch. Sorry to disappoint.

  3. Laurelstreetspy Jr. says:

    damn you, virginia. get your facts straight.

    • debramonroe says:

      Hey! The Laurel Street Spy is most certainly not old enough to have spawned a junior (at least not in Internet years)

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