Buster Posey SC Rumor Mini-Update

(For an update, please read RIP: Buster Posey-San Carlos Rumor)

Emphasis on mini.  Warning:  insubstantial, probably boring copy follows.  Consider reading The Cove instead.

I’ll say one thing for this Buster Posey moving (moved?) to San Carlos rumor:  it’s more well-rounded than Kim Kardashian’s backside.

On my constitutional walk along Eaton Avenue (it’s my regular route) I ran into someone who ought to know a thing or two about the neighborhood and he said the whole upper Eaton (west of the Alameda) bit got started when Gerald-more-commonly-known-as-Buster was spotted house hunting.  Or maybe it was the home owners themselves spilling the beans.  Something like that.

Later on my walk, the word rental property came up several times (not including Virginia who commented on this blog and also described said property as a rental).

As I sauntered along Eaton, I found myself newly concerned about the sight of a Porta Potty in front of one house and a pile of sad looking freebies sitting on a rather pathetic patch of dry grass.  Certainly, such eyesores can’t be good for the health of someone recuperating from such a nasty collision on our favorite home plate?

Another thought.  If the rumor proves true and young Mr. Posey and wife have chosen sensible, unsexy but decidedly charming San Carlos as their home (rented or otherwise) and residents actually begin to see him, how will residents behave?

Will women with blond highlights and oversized sunglasses who seem to favor white Suburbans run over curbs?  Will boys with floppy hair riding skateboards smack into fire hydrants?  Will middle-aged men – twice the age of the catcher who can hit – blush and stammer if they run into him at the meat counter at Bianchini’s?

Certainly, there has to be some sort of protocol for the neighborly treatment of sports celebrities?  Should our new mayor Andy Klein place an emergency phone call to Judith Martin, aka as Miss Manners, and send out one of those e-notify missives advising us what to do should we have a Buster Posey encounter?









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