That DUI Checkpoint in San Carlos

The results are in:  no DUI arrests made in Friday’s published checkpoint at the corner of El Camino and St. Francis, according to Sgt. David Mackriss of the Daly City Police Dept. who headed up the effort.

However, said Sgt. Mackriss,  two arrests were made, one for the possession of cocaine for sale and the other for driving on a suspended license.  (Fully expect someone to make a comment about the level of intelligence associated with heading into a checkpoint with a stash of coke in auto)

About 24 people were screened for signs of alcohol or drug use out of the 867 people who passed through San Mateo County’s only checkpoint on July 1st.   Fourteen people received citations for driving without a license and ten vehicles were towed.

Sgt. Mackriss says while the use of alcohol can be measured if a driver shows signs of impairment, it’s harder to determine if someone is driving under the influence of marijuana or prescription drugs given the lack of a legal standard for both.

With marijuana and prescription drugs, officers rely on driving observations – such as speeding and erratic driving -  as signs of possible impairment.  So unless someone is so impaired that they drive up over a curb or slam into the car in front of them, officers at a checkpoint lack the telltale clues that tip them off while on regular street patrol.

Sgt. Mackriss says the number of people driving under the influence of marijuana and prescription drugs is on the rise and has become more of a problem statewide.





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  1. Overheard in San Carlos says:

    Comments? Um, that would be me.

    Thank goodness for you morons that drive into a very visible and publicly disclosed DUI checkpoint with pot or coke in the car, or with no license. It’s because of idiots like you that these checkpoints are successful in the first place. It ensures that the we are getting something useful out of all of the police manpower(and $$$$) that’s tied up running it in the first place.

    In order to properly say thank you, we should take your license away for good and tattoo you with the word “MORON” in a very prominent place. That would make the evening worthwhile for all…

  2. khaled says:

    Wow.. these guys just never get it.. They have all the money in the world and the feel the need to risk their lives and other peoples lives by getting behind the wheel while drunk. Sorry no sympathy for you ward. Get a driver!! So stupid and unecessary.

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