Historic Building Sold. Now What?

The former Foodville building on Laurel Street

The former Foodville building has sold!
After sitting on the market for two+ years, despite truss barrel roof and multiple skylights, the property wasn’t exactly snapped up.

The lucky buyer?

“The city of San Carlos’ Redevelopment Agency purchased it,” said Kevin Clay, president/broker of REIGN Real Estate Services.  “It’ll be folded into Wheeler Plaza.”
Time does fly.  Foodville shuttered March 22, 2009 and since then, we’ve had to hoof it over to Bianchini’s to hit the (expensive but worth it) butcher counter because some of us are turned off by the ooky, fishy smell at the back of the closest supermarket (although that has improved, sort of).

What the heck is Wheeler Plaza?  Obviously, someone – okay, me – hasn’t been spending enough time on the city of San Carlos’ website or attending public redevelopment meetings.  (When I began to ask around, wow.  Now that’s a hot topic.  Coming up next week:  Wheeler Plaza for Dummies.)

So what’s intended for the “historic” (1941 passes for historic in California) building at 616 Laurel Street?  A flattening, perhaps.  Some of the ideas talked about, according to Clay, include, “tearing down the building or putting up a new building half as wide,” with the remaining space a plaza.

Some of the ideas for the 1.5 acre site include condos (mostly upscale), more retail space and maybe something like a restaurant with outdoor seating.  Or, as the SC Chamber of Commerce described the development:  “designed to enhance and enliven the downtown.”

Of course, before anybody gets too excited, nothing’s decided.  Yet.


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  1. Glenn Gelineau says:

    Well I must say I think you have been a little misinformed about Wheeler Plaza according to the City’s own web site it will be designated for low low to low middle income housing. Stack and pack high density housing at that .This is all part of their compliance with ICLEI a NGO sponserd by the United Nations to implement Agenda 21. Spend a little time researching this just to see whats being done to communities under the guise of (sustainability, smart growth, social equity etc.) it really has little to do with enviromentaly sound practices and more to do with controll of property rights and global governance. And our elected officials in San Carlos surrendering their elected local athourity to non elected regional bords and international globalists.

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