Pining for Padron Peppers

The Laurel Street's Spy New Food Obsession: Padron Peppers

Why didn’t I buy FIVE baskets of Padron Peppers at Hot Harvest Nights?  Well, probably because they’re 4 bucks a basket and I wasn’t sure how they’d turn out.   Now that I’ve made them, I don’t care how much the blasted things cost, have them I must.

The mild peppers are popular in Tapas restaurants and originated in Galicia, Spain.  The ones I picked up were organically grown in Watsonville at Happy Boy Farms.

The cute little display plaque suggested a simple recipe:  “pan fry with salt and olive oil until browned for a simply delicious snack.” (We used sea salt)

Prepared Pimientos de Padron

In five minutes, we had a small plate of amazing peppers that we finished off in sixty seconds.  Because they were just slightly bitter – in a good way – we rolled them in some Pecarino Romano cheese.  The result?  I’m pretty sure our neighbors could hear us saying stuff like, “Oh my God!  AWESOME!  Is there another basket in the fridge?”

(As I did a little research on the pepper, I came across a great article in Gourmet Magazine by Calvin Trillin on his Padron pepper fixation)

In conclusion, Padrons are the pepper equivalent of Martha Stewart’s infamously decadent take on Mac ‘N Cheese, so additive it’s called Crack ‘N Cheese.




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  1. Linda Collery says:

    I love padron peppers! Nice to know they are being sold in San Carlos now. I used to make special trips to the farmer’s markets in Menlo Park and Palo Alto to Happy Quail Farms to purchase them. Eating them has been nicknamed “Pepper Roulette.” Typically, out of every ten peppers, there is one that is really hot! The rest are mild and wonderful and then you’ll suddenly experience a hot one. This, believe it or not, can be great fun at dinner parties. And, they are delicious! I became aware of them via Calvin Trillin in Gourmet, but thanks for letting us know about our local source.

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