Impersonating an Officer (allegedly)…at a Police Substation

Michael Anthony Juricich: Charged with 6 Counts of Impersonating a Police Officer

San Carlos Police are investigating the case of Michael Anthony Juricich, arrested Friday on charges of impersonating a police officer.

According to police, Juricich showed up at the San Carlos Substation, where he allegedly identified himself as a police officer while trying to obtain a police report regarding a custody hearing.

That wasn’t the only  time Juricich allegedly misrepresented himself.  “There are three reported incidents,” explained Sgt. Alma Zamora of the SC Police Bureau.  “All incidents stem from family law/child custody/domestic issues.  During Juricich’s contacts with San Mateo County deputies, Juricich made statements leading us to believe he was seeking preferential treatment because he was a police officer.”  Later, Zamora added, Juricich’s behavior alerted deputies that, “something was not quite right.”

A followup investigation, according to Zamora, revealed Juricich had never been employed as a police officer.

Did Juricich try to misrepresent himself to the general public?  Police are looking into that possibility, although there’s no current information or evidence that leads them to believe he may have done so.

Juricich is out on a $10,000 bond.

Police are asking that anyone with information that may help them in their investigation to contact Detective Victor Bertolozzi at (650) 363-4057 or call the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Anonymous Tip Line at (800) 547-2700.


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  1. Lori says:

    He looks like a criminal. Throw the book at this police impersonator!

  2. Ed says:

    I’ll impersonate a lawyer for this guy and enter his GUILTY plea. REally, at the police substation? He was impersonating a bad cop as well trying to get police records and preferential treatment. This will be an easy conviction for the DA’s office.

  3. Cartman says:

    “Hello ladies. I’m Officer Mike. Do you know why I pulled you over?”

    “Uh, no Officer. Are you undercover, because you’re driving a Toyota and I’m not sure your Lakers jersey is standard police issue. Also, I’m pretty sure that siren noise we heard was just you screaming really loudly.”

    “OBEY MY AUTHORITY!!! Assume the position!”

  4. [...] According to police, Juricich allegedly identified himself as an officer at the San Carlos substation while trying to obtain a report regarding a custody hearing. (For more background, click here.) [...]

  5. Mike Juricich says:

    If the media is going to publish a story then it should also print the whole story and follow-up!
    The media doesnt state that a child custody case was in the courts at the time this occured. It also doesnt state that the original member of the San Mateo Sheriffs Dept that contacted me, SGT Albertson, who requested I come to the San Carlos Sub-Station after the station was closed for business that day is friends with the X-Wifes Parents who are also by the way X-Law Enforcement.
    (Anyone see a pattern forming yet!!?? :)
    Coicindentally these bogus charges didnt fly with the judge after she reviewed them which consquently were dropped.
    With all the real crimes going on you think that vindictiveness, retaliation and assisting former friends who were in law enforcement would be the last thing these deputies would have time to deal with!??

  6. V. Darius says:

    Pretty sad that even in small SC that the sheriffs can spin a BS Story like this!
    This guys daughter is the poor victim in this scenario as his cheating ex is the culprit who initiated this with the assistance of her retired copper parents all in trying to make this poor guy look like a bad parent due to some custody deal going on!
    I’ve looked into this story at RWC and he wasnt charged with any of this crap, he was charged for having a police ID which was legite as the guy did work for the SFPD for some time! The media and AH comments should be restrained until you’ve got all the facts, not the hype, just the simple truthful facts! What a joke!

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