Walgreens Giant Bin Explainer

Walgreens at 1414 El Camino: not moving..."improving"

As you whizzed past El Camino and Belmont Ave. and rubber necked at the giant bins, wonder no more:  our handy but pokey Walgreens is in the throes of a remodel.

The assistant manager said the work began Monday and would continue, “one quadrant at a time,” until completed in six to eight weeks time.

And not just a casual facelift, but a serious, entire store remodel.  When the Laurel Street Spy darted in after doing the customary, thrill-a-minute search for a parking spot at TJs, the card aisle was where the center aisle used to be and off to the right was a large, taped-off area with wet cement.  Or something like that.

Now if only Luckys would hop to it and spruce up its sadly outdated, overly lit San Carlos store!


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