RIP: The Buster Posey-San Carlos Rumor

With just six words, the rumor that injured Giants’ catcher Buster Posey moved to San Carlos is…..dead.

Today, after weeks of badgering, an official response from Giants’ Media Relations Coordinator Matt Chisholm:  “Yeah, he does not live there.”

On June 27th, I wrote about the rumor that had our mid-Peninsula city buzzing.  While it had been making the rounds for some time apparently, it seemed to have reached a fever pitch when I returned from vacation.

What fascinated me most was the specificity of the rumor:  the super talented Posey had not only moved from Orinda on the East Bay to SC because it was closer to his physical therapist, he’d checked out several houses on Eaton Avenue, upper Eaton.  Then he was spotted at Bianchinis (the meat counter).  Then a realtor told residents on Eaton they’d soon have Buster for a neighbor.  Teenage girls plotted to advertise their babysitting services to the Posey couple , expecting twins.

Now that we know that all this is just a rumor, is that the end of it?  Or will it persist, perhaps given a new life by some twist or another.

Today alone, several dozen people visited my blog after searching for, “Buster Posey San Carlos house.”  I’ve lost track of how many people have typed in some variation on that search term.  Hundreds!  Today, instead of finding out his address, they’ll just get some disappointing news. Buster Posey is NOT a San Carlan.







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