Update: St. Francis Way, White Oaks House Fire

Asbestos removal at fire damaged house on St. Francis Way

Not exactly a wealth of new information regarding the devastating house fire earlier this month on St. Francis Way in the White Oaks neighborhood, but it’s an official statement.

According to James Palisi, Fire Marshall of the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Dept., the fire, “appears to be accidental.”

Homeowner Jasmine Kuramoto didn’t seem to hold out much hope for an explanation for the cause of the July 11th blaze.

On the family’s Facebook page, Kuramoto posted an update on the visit of a fire investigator, writing, “Unfortunately, he said that there is too much damage in the garage that the cause is likely to remain unknown.  However, he did rule-out the brand new lithium-ion battery/charger.”

The fast-moving, 2-alarm fire in the early morning hours consumed the garage and kitchen, causing an estimated $500,000 worth of damage.  No one was injured.

The family of four are staying in a hotel while looking for a rental, according to their Facebook page…which is updated by Jasmine, who writes with wit and resilience about life after the fire.

Today, a crew was at the house removing asbestos from the property at 1634 St. Francis Way.   Estimator Bill Iannaccone of P.W. Stephens Environmental, Inc. says, generally speaking, this is a common procedure for post 1980-houses damaged by fire.

OSHA requires asbestos removal before workers can safely begin the clean-up or demolition phase.  Asbestos, Iannaccone explained, is found in old linoleum, tiles, acoustic ceilings, roofing felts and insulation.





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