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Since real estate sections are a Sunday tradition in newspapers, what do you do when you cancel your subscription, say, to the SF Chronicle when the weekend rolls around?

If you live in San Carlos – a techy kind of place – you’re in luck.

You can get your real estate fix (and more) in several blogs by local realtors.  Pretty impressive for a town the size of San Carlos.

The National Association of Realtors reports that while two-third of realtors have had a website for at least five years, only 10% have a blog.  Not surprising, considering it takes a lot of time and effort to feed the blog beast.

While realty blogs are a marketing tool, and often a first point of contact for would-be buyers interested in a specific market, two blogs stand out because they’ve evolved (way) past a thinly disguised sales pitch.  Not only can you get neighborhood news and commentary…you can find out everything your little real estate heart desires…all hyper-focused on your hometown.

Chuck Gillooley – an SC resident and Alain Pinel realtor, has an excellent piece entitled, “Potential for National Debt Default Has Buyers and Sellers Nervous” at his White Oaks Blog.  There, you can also read, “What Stays and What Goes When You Sell Your San Carlos Home.”

Bob Bredel is a Today Sotheby’s realtor/resident/lawyer who posts regularly at San Carlos Blog.  The piece that caught my eye was, “Can Your Neighbors Lower Your Home’s Value” because it’s something I’ve always wondered about.  Just as fascinating, though, was, “Social Media:  Can It Force the Real Estate Industry Into The 21st Century.”

If you have a favorite real estate blog, please leave a comment and will add to the list.







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