New San Carlos Homes….Kind of Big

1528 St. Francis Way...before scrape

Even for White Oaks – where homes are smaller and closer together than most other SC neighborhoods – the house at 1528 St. Francis seemed tiny at 870 square feet.

After the 2/1 sold for $710,000 last summer, down it came.  When construction is finished, in its place will stand a much bigger residence…but one definitely in keeping with new home trends in San Carlos.

1528 St. Francis Way: 2.0


Jill Lewis, an Associate Planner with the city, says most new homes (whether on empty lots or rebuilds), come in around 3,000 square feet, although most common are in the 3,200-3,800 range.

Plans for a multistory 4,724 sq. ft. house at 151 Coronado Avenue this week made it past the city’s Residential Design Review Committee, which recommended the project on an undeveloped “steeply upsloping lot” to the Planning Commission.

Some of the largest homes, according to Lewis, are on Kings Court and Queens Court in Hyde Park Estates (tucked away in Devonshire Canyon).  Lewis says she once worked on a plan for a 7,500 square foot house in that neighborhood.

If you must know how much a really big place in that neck of SC costs (and how could you not?)…a 4 bedroom/3.5 bath, 4,199 square foot house sold for $2.6 million in 2009.

Kings Court, SC (big, but several thousand sq. ft short of a mansion)


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