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City Council Highlights: Style, a Lawsuit & Another Change for Fire?

City Council Highlights: Style, a Lawsuit & Another Change for Fire?

Who knew a style report might be in order for city council meetings? Since lamentably few citizens show up, all that style is completely wasted. So let’s start off with that,shall we? The LSS Style Report (and analysis) Mayor Andy Klein is letting his crew grow out, but not too long.  Hair length perfectly acceptable [...]

Line of cars at pick-up time at Brittan Acres

After Two Traffic Accidents Near Schools…Increased Concern

The San Carlos Police Bureau sent out a traffic alert today asking for drivers to slow down near schools. While the message didn’t include specific reference to two recent traffic accidents in San Carlos, school administrators, teachers and parents are increasingly concerned about the safety of children getting to and from school. On September 15th, [...]

K-8 Overcrowding: 2-Schools on 1 Campus? Buses?

K-8 Overcrowding: 2-Schools on 1 Campus? Buses?

Building a new school, or some kind of facility to ease classroom overcrowding, has become the top priority of the K-8 San Carlos School District. That’s according to Superintendent Craig Baker. Baker gave an update on enrollment to a morning meeting of the joint city/school committee, known as 2+2, made up of two City Council [...]

Hydrostatic Testing; courtesy of PG&E

PG&E Gas Pipeline Testing: Expect Traffic Disruption

Tonight, the City Council gets an update on PG&E’s hydrostatic testing scheduled for San Carlos later this month.  The report is available on the City’s website, along with maps. The testing is scheduled for September 21st-29th. The natural gas pipeline runs up a long stretch of Brittan Avenue, starting at Old County Road and ending [...]

A drawing by an unknown artist of (impacted) White Oaks Elementary

A New School? Raise Hand If You Know Right Answer

How to solve the problem of San Carlos’ overcrowded schools? Lots of ideas floated and discussed Tuesday at the 2+2 Joint City Council/School Board meeting. Enrollment has shot up, a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years.  Simply put, there just isn’t enough physical space for all the K-8 children, according to [...]

A rendering of Old County Road in San Carlos...with improvements

Old (Kind of Ugly) County Road to Get Facelift

Long considered unsightly and downright pedestrian unfriendly, Old County Road and East San Carlos Avenue are destined for some major improvements. San Carlos City Mayor Andy Klein says, historically, the residents of East San Carlos have felt they’ve been ignored by City Hall.  “This is a huge step in rectifying that belief,” he said, adding [...]

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