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Left to Right: Lewis, Royce, Klein, Grassilli, Grocott

The City Council Race For Dummies

Name a current member of the San Carlos City Council.  Can’t? You’re not alone. Over the last week, the Laurel Street Spy has taken a random survey of residents. Not a big sample (about 25 people) and certainly nothing scientific. The findings: Only a few could name a City Council member. “Which of the yard [...]

A drawing by an unknown artist of (impacted) White Oaks Elementary

A New School? Raise Hand If You Know Right Answer

How to solve the problem of San Carlos’ overcrowded schools? Lots of ideas floated and discussed Tuesday at the 2+2 Joint City Council/School Board meeting. Enrollment has shot up, a trend that is expected to continue in the coming years.  Simply put, there just isn’t enough physical space for all the K-8 children, according to [...]

So Many Kids, Not Enough Space

So Many Kids, Not Enough Space

(Updated to include interview with Superintendent) A School Board committee with a yawn-of-a-name is in charge of one of the city’s most challenging issues:  what to do about increased enrollment in K-8 schools. While the question of a new school for San Carlos is on the agenda for Tuesday’s 2+2 Joint City/School Committee meeting, the [...]

A rendering of Old County Road in San Carlos...with improvements

Old (Kind of Ugly) County Road to Get Facelift

Long considered unsightly and downright pedestrian unfriendly, Old County Road and East San Carlos Avenue are destined for some major improvements. San Carlos City Mayor Andy Klein says, historically, the residents of East San Carlos have felt they’ve been ignored by City Hall.  “This is a huge step in rectifying that belief,” he said, adding [...]

The Problem With Some Massage Establishments: Prostitution

On Monday, the San Carlos City Council will consider banning Styrofoam food containers, plastic bags and new massage establishments; the moratorium on massage businesses considered the most urgent. In a memo submitted by Police Chief Greg Rothaus, the Council is advised, “we have determined not all businesses offering massage in our community are legitimate and [...]

Buster Posey SC Rumor Mini-Update

(For an update, please read RIP: Buster Posey-San Carlos Rumor) Emphasis on mini.  Warning:  insubstantial, probably boring copy follows.  Consider reading The Cove instead. I’ll say one thing for this Buster Posey moving (moved?) to San Carlos rumor:  it’s more well-rounded than Kim Kardashian’s backside. On my constitutional walk along Eaton Avenue (it’s my regular [...]

The Andy Klein for Mayor Question

Should 29-year old Andy Klein, the vice mayor famously not charged with a DUI, be the next mayor of San Carlos? If you haven’t been following the (heated) discussion, check out the comment section of realtor Bob Bredel’s San Carlos blog for a should-he or shouldn’t-he primer.  

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