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When You Facebook “Like” a Business

When You Facebook “Like” a Business

Recently, a local reporter sent out a Tweet reminding followers to Like her publication on Facebook. Hopefully – especially since the pub is doing a little consolidating – said excellent, hard-working reporter’s job security is not linked to hitting a Like quota! (Are editors asking reporters to do this?  Can’t imagine this boosts subscriptions although [...]

Asbestos removal at fire damaged house on St. Francis Way

Update: St. Francis Way, White Oaks House Fire

Not exactly a wealth of new information regarding the devastating house fire earlier this month on St. Francis Way in the White Oaks neighborhood, but it’s an official statement. According to James Palisi, Fire Marshall of the Belmont-San Carlos Fire Dept., the fire, “appears to be accidental.” Homeowner Jasmine Kuramoto didn’t seem to hold out [...]

Social Media Day at Hot Harvest Nights

Social Media Day & How One Business Seized It

There was all kinds of social going on Thursday on Laurel Street:  the usual mob scene associated with Hot Harvest Nights, Happy Hour (including outdoor wine/beer cart at Town) and something totally new to the City of San Carlos: celebrate Social Media Day. So whom do we have to thank for this idea?  Credit Pete [...]

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