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RIP: The Buster Posey-San Carlos Rumor

With just six words, the rumor that injured Giants’ catcher Buster Posey moved to San Carlos is…..dead. Today, after weeks of badgering, an official response from Giants’ Media Relations Coordinator Matt Chisholm:  “Yeah, he does not live there.” On June 27th, I wrote about the rumor that had our mid-Peninsula city buzzing.  While it had [...]

Buster Posey SC Rumor Mini-Update

(For an update, please read RIP: Buster Posey-San Carlos Rumor) Emphasis on mini.  Warning:  insubstantial, probably boring copy follows.  Consider reading The Cove instead. I’ll say one thing for this Buster Posey moving (moved?) to San Carlos rumor:  it’s more well-rounded than Kim Kardashian’s backside. On my constitutional walk along Eaton Avenue (it’s my regular [...]

The Buster Posey Movin’ to San Carlos Rumor

(For an update on this story, read RIP: The Buster Posey-San Carlos Rumor) I go on vacation for two weeks and when I return I ask a friend, “So what happened while I was away?” and she replies, “Buster Posey bought a house in San Carlos!” “Where’d you hear that?” I wanted to know. Said [...]

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