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News Scout: Carlos Club Part IV (V?)

News Scout: Carlos Club Part IV (V?)

There’s an app for that. This time, “app” is for appeal. The SC City Council voted 3-2 to appeal the Planning Commission’s go-ahead for the Carlos Club to expand. Mayor Andy Klein leading the charge against the CC. Hearing set for first city council meeting in April. Click here to read full coverage in SM [...]

Patrol Cars on Streets of San Carlos

Patrol Cars on Streets of San Carlos

Are more patrol cars cruising the streets of San Carlos now than a couple years ago? That’s the way it seems to some residents, who’ve made that observation to the Laurel Street Spy. These residents aren’t complaining. In fact, they’re quite pleased and wanted to know if something had changed, like maybe a new policy [...]

Combatting the Seamier Side of San Carlos

Some new info below, but first a recap:  tonight, the San Carlos City Council is expected to ban new massage establishments from opening up (update:  temp ban indeed passed)…a move intended to control businesses offering more – much more – than the standard sixty minute deep tissue massage. SC Bureau Police Chief Greg Rothaus wrote [...]

The Problem With Some Massage Establishments: Prostitution

On Monday, the San Carlos City Council will consider banning Styrofoam food containers, plastic bags and new massage establishments; the moratorium on massage businesses considered the most urgent. In a memo submitted by Police Chief Greg Rothaus, the Council is advised, “we have determined not all businesses offering massage in our community are legitimate and [...]

Yes, There IS Crime in San Carlos

Highlights from the San Mateo County San Carlos Police Bureau’s Town Hall Meeting on June 7. -Discrete sighs of relief all around when Bureau Chief Greg Rothaus announced to the audience of some 30 citizens that the meeting would last an hour, 90 minutes tops.  (It would have been with fewer longish comments/anecodotes, but what’s [...]

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