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Andy Klein, former Mayor of San Carlos

Andy Klein Exits as Mayor

Today, Andy Klein is the former mayor of San Carlos. In a surprise announcement – at least to the community – Klein resigned from his office Wednesday after just ten months in the position. Effective immediately. Klein filed a letter of resignation with the city clerk’s office. In it, he cited “major setbacks” to his [...]

Left to right: Brad Lewis, Randy Royce, Andy Klein, Bob Grassilli, Matt Grocott (w/apologies to Lewis for unfortunate cropping)

Randy Royce…& Others on the Election Upset

Incumbent Randy Royce lost his seat on the city council by a little less than 300 votes. Royce had a laundry list of endorsements, from newspapers to state elected officials and local community leaders. columnist Bruce Balshone predicted victory for Royce, writing; “Royce remains popular and will win reelection.” So what happened? Only the [...]

This house on St. Francis in White Oaks called it.

“New Guys” Headed to SC City Council

School Board trustee Mark Olbert and businessman Ron Collins snagged the two open seats on the San Carlos City Council in a tight race…Olbert taking the lead, but only separated by a mere 32 votes. (Election certification expected within 28 days) Mark Olbert sounded a bit overwhelmed when the Laurel Street Spy reached him by [...]

Campaign “Buddies”

Campaign “Buddies”

LSS Analysis: Some San Carlos politicians are endorsing each other as they hope to score a win on November 8th. When you look closely at who’s endorsing whom, it reveals alliances that may impact city government. Before you read on, you might want to grab a score card. San Carlos City Council candidate Ron Collins [...]

San Carlos City Hall, 600 Elm Street

Who Wants to Move City Hall?

Is the City Council, along with City officials, seriously considering moving City Hall someplace else? Depends on who you talk to.  Council member Matt Grocott likes the idea for a number of reasons, which he explained to reporter Michelle Durand in an article that appeared in today’s edition of the Daily Journal.  Click here to [...]

An example of an electronic sign...there are many

Electronic Signs for San Carlos?

The City of San Carlos is considering installing electronic message boards around town to improve communications with residents. At a meeting Monday evening, October 24th, City Council member Brad Lewis (who steps down after the Nov. 8th election) said, “Anything we do will be a substantial improvement over where we are now,” adding, “Let’s get [...]

Left to Right: Lewis, Royce, Klein, Grassilli, Grocott

The City Council Race For Dummies

Name a current member of the San Carlos City Council.  Can’t? You’re not alone. Over the last week, the Laurel Street Spy has taken a random survey of residents. Not a big sample (about 25 people) and certainly nothing scientific. The findings: Only a few could name a City Council member. “Which of the yard [...]

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