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Mike Sawyer, Founder of ShopNow

The Man Who Wants to Make Your Retail Search Way Easier

Ever tried to search online for a brick-and-mortar store, only to pull up a bunch of useless listings? San Carlos entrepreneur Mike Sawyer had the same frustrating experience, motivating the high tech product manager to create ShopNow, an iPhone app he calls, “clean and easy to use.” By “clean,” Sawyer means “listings that reflect reality,” [...]

Walgreens at 1414 El Camino: not moving..."improving"

Walgreens Giant Bin Explainer

As you whizzed past El Camino and Belmont Ave. and rubber necked at the giant bins, wonder no more:  our handy but pokey Walgreens is in the throes of a remodel. The assistant manager said the work began Monday and would continue, “one quadrant at a time,” until completed in six to eight weeks time. [...]

A fusty in front of the Olive Crush

The Olive Crush (also crushing some grim predictions)

Mike, the owner of the Olive Crush, recalls an afternoon when he overheard a couple talking in front of his store.  Not realizing voices carry, the fellow predicted to his wife that the shop would go out of business within two months.  (I’ve heard others say the same thing, too. More than a few, actually) [...]

White Oaks Hardware at the corner of Laurel and St. Francis in San Carlos

What’s Up With White Oaks Hardware?

If you wander into White Oaks Hardware, you may want to think twice before asking store owner Rich Weber about the For Sale sign on the building. “I don’t want to talk about it,” he said over the weekend when the Laurel Street Spy stopped by to ask what was going on. “Ask Michelle,” he [...]

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