Patrol Cars on Streets of San Carlos

Are more patrol cars cruising the streets of San Carlos now than a couple years ago?

That’s the way it seems to some residents, who’ve made that observation to the Laurel Street Spy. These residents aren’t complaining. In fact, they’re quite pleased and wanted to know if something had changed, like maybe a new policy had gone into effect. .

SC Police Bureau Chief Greg Rothaus says the department has the same number of officers on the day shift, but an administrative sergeant now does all the paperwork and handles the business side of policing. Meaning there are days the admin sgt. doesn’t get to leave the office.

“That frees up the patrol officers,” Rothaus said. “They’re on the road all the time now.”

Greg Rothaus, SC Police Bureau Chief

There’s another reason it looks like more police cars are spotted around town. Rothaus says deputies from San Mateo County – of which the city’s police bureau is now a part – listen to the radio and when they hear something, they’ll often respond, too.

Rothaus says outside deputies are also spending more time in San Carlos, either stopping by to eat lunch or dinner or just “rolling through town” because they view San Carlos as part of their jurisdiction.

The San Carlos Police Bureau – still located on Elm Street – has four day-shift deputies and one sergeant, plus 1-3 sworn uniformed community service officers. There are three deputies and a sergeant on the night shift.






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