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Some San Carlos politicians are endorsing each other as they hope to score a win on November 8th. When you look closely at who’s endorsing whom, it reveals alliances that may impact city government.

Before you read on, you might want to grab a score card.

San Carlos City Council candidate Ron Collins and incumbent Randy Royce have endorsed each other.

Spied: Collins & Royce signs on Laurel Street

Collins, a local businessman, plans on monitoring election results with Royce at a popular Laurel Street restaurant. Which makes one wonder…what if one wins and the other loses? Doesn’t that make for an awkward evening?

Collins expects a tight race. Earlier this week he sent out a tweet urging followers: “Go ape for Ron! Tell everyone you know to vote…the election will be close and every vote will count.”

In late October, Mayor Andy Klein tweeted, “Remember to vote for Randy Royce & Ron Collins on your absentee ballots! SC deserves great leadership.”

Randy Royce lists Klein as an endorsement…while Ron Collins does not, although he includes current council members Bob Grassilli and Brad Lewis (leaving office).

Royce is also endorsed by Brad Lewis and Bob Grassilli. He also has the support of school board candidates Peter Tzifas, Seth Rosenblatt and Carrie Du Bois.

Mark Olbert is the only candidate running without endorsements from any of the current city council team. Since Olbert is critical of the current city government on his website, this isn’t a total surprise. Olbert plans to monitor election results at home with his family and supporters.

Olbert is supported by fellow school board trustees Seth Rosenblatt and Carrie Du Bois, who’s running for a seat on the Sequoia Union High School District…the first woman to run from San Carlos in a long time.

Du Bois, of course, is endorsed by Mark Olbert. She also counts the support of school board trustee Seth Rosenblatt and council members Randy Royce and Bob Grassilli.

Incumbent School Board trustee Seth Rosenblatt often appeared at meet-and-greet events with candidate Adam Rak…while candidate Peter Tzifas ran his campaign “solo” (i.e., without another candidate-buddy), although he is endorsed by City Council members Matt Grocott and Randy Royce.

Both Rosenblatt and Rak share the endorsements of Du Bois, Olbert and Grassilli…with Mayor Klein endorsing Rak and Royce endorsing Rosenblatt.

All that said…many residents pair up the candidates any which way they want, as shown by these two yard signs in front of a house on St. Francis.  A good reminder that no matter what the alliances are during the campaign, the winners will all have to work together.

There are two open seats on the City Council…ditto the (elementary) School Board.

This is not a complete list of endorsements. Please check the candidates’ websites by clicking on the names below:

Running for City Council:

Incumbent Randy Royce

Mark Olbert

Ron Collins

Running for School Board:

Incumbent Seth Rosenblatt

Peter Tzifas

Adam Rak

Running for Sequoia Union High School District from San Carlos:

Carrie Du Bois




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