In San Carlos…Light Voter Turnout

Will positions up for grabs this off-year election in San Carlos be decided by single digit voter turnout? As of late this afternoon, poll workers were reporting “light” to “very light” turnout.

Around 4pm at Precinct #3614 (Church of the Epiphany on Arroyo), out of 1,433 registered voters, 5% had cast their electronic votes. This did not include votes mailed in or votes-by-mail dropped off in person.

A veteran poll worker at a precinct located in the freezing-as-usual auditorium at Tierra Linda Middle School guessed an 8 to 10% voter turnout for the election.

Spied at the corner of San Carlos Avenue & Beverly this November 8th: a handmade sign by someone quite unhappy with the ballot choices du jour.





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  1. Rex says:

    More and more people are voting by mail. It’s going to get to where almost no one votes at a polling place.

  2. Bob WInters says:

    I voted at Trinity at ~5:00 and I was the only one there, unless you count the 3 poll workers. My wife and I used to make it a point to bring our kids and get them, “I Voted” stickers and instill the importance of voting. Now that they’re adults (and vote), I may switch over to mail-in.

    As a tech geek, I must admit the voting machines are far more complicated than they should be. The crazy wheel to make selections??

    Some day we will invent touch screens to intuitively point to your selections, hey that might work well on smart phones too. I’m gonna look into that. :)

    • debramonroe says:

      Bob…think we missed each other by seconds. That’s one of the polling places I dropped by to check in and I believe I was only one in there at the time…

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