Town Tones It Down

Town Restaurant, 716 Laurel Street, San Carlos

A week ago, the LSS reported that popular restaurant Town had closed for remodeling that would include some acoustic adjustments. Customers had complained it was way too noisy.

This evening, Town reopened for dinner.

Here’s what the Spy heard. Well, not a whole lot. It was early, well before the usual throngs arrived and it wasn’t even the dinner hour let alone the din hours when people nearly shout to be heard.

But there was a definite acoustic “deadness” to the room…the kind the LSS has experienced in sound proofed radio recording studios. Which, in the case of an overly noisy restaurant, is a good thing.

According to Town’s dining operation’s manager Brandon, the ceiling was lowered six inches and sound absorbing foam was installed. The whole thing was covered with cloth and decorated with new wood grain moulding.

Brandon says management is eager to hear what customers have to say about the sound solution, adding the restaurant has taken the noise complaints seriously.

If you’re a Town regular and visited at a busier time, the LSS would appreciate your acoustic assessment.





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  1. Been There says:

    Count me and my family and friends who all have said that Town is too loud. My parents won’t go there anymore because it’s like trying to have dinner in a nightclub. Maybe Town doesn’t want the 65+ year-old patrons there anyway. Problem solved: we don’t go there anymore because of the noise problem.

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