For Giants Fans, A Docu-Series Just For You

With the onslaught of TV series debuting on cable, it’s easy to miss some really great stuff.  Case in point:  The Franchise:  A Season With the Giants, a docu-series from MLB Productions (the television and video production arm of Major League Baseball) set to begin July 13th at 10pm on Showtime.

If you’re paying the extra bucks for the premium channel, you can catch a preview with a few easy clicks of the remote.  As I just discovered while catching up on Nurse Jackie, the excellent 30-minute preview is available on Comcast’s On Demand.

The series follows the 2010 World Series Champions as they defend their title this year.

Even if you’re only casually interested in The Giants – if the preview is indicative of the quality to come – the series is irresistible.  After all, the tag-line is, “real drama on and off field” and the sneak peak didn’t disappoint.

Some highlights:

*Brian Wilson on his adrenalin-filled role as The Closer (also dealing with the media and dressing up as a sailor); Wilson gets a very funny greeting by Posey btw

*Family-man Freddy Sanchez and his wife discussing their marriage in their  (massive) kitchen as their boys play ball and ride a Big Wheel…inside;

*Barry Zito musing about being-in-the-moment after falling on his ass (his description, not mine)

*Tim Lincecum being his usual, adorable, freaky self;

*How Andres Torres spent his off-season in Puerto Rico (involves a hillside and creative use of a cinder block);

*The arduous conditioning of Pablo Sandoval/The Panda (so that’s how to drop that much weight…argh);

*Bruce Bochy on fishing-as-therapy;

*Some fascinating behind-the-scenes discussions between Bochy and Brian Sabian;

*See Brandon Belt lose it and weep.

MLB Productions says unprecedented access to the Giants players, their families and coaches  allowed them to serve up a, “candid look at their struggles, relationships and day-to-day lives.”

Haven’t been this excited about a Showtime series since the launch of The Tudors.

(Since some friends have admitted to not knowing how to use Comcast’s On Demand feature – confusing it with pay-per-view – here’s how to find it:  Press the On Demand button at the top of your Comcast/Xfinity remote/select Premium Channels/select SHO On Demand/select  New Series/Select The Franchise…and bam, you’ve got a front row seat.)



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