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Michael Anthony Juricich

Next Step in Case of Alleged Police Impersonator

Michael Anthony Juricich, accused of impersonating a police officer, had his pre-trial conference continued to November 30th. According to police, Juricich allegedly identified himself as an officer at the San Carlos substation in July while trying to obtain a report regarding a custody hearing. (For more background, click here.) Juricich pled not guilty to multiple [...]

Patrol Cars on Streets of San Carlos

Patrol Cars on Streets of San Carlos

Are more patrol cars cruising the streets of San Carlos now than a couple years ago? That’s the way it seems to some residents, who’ve made that observation to the Laurel Street Spy. These residents aren’t complaining. In fact, they’re quite pleased and wanted to know if something had changed, like maybe a new policy [...]

Line of cars at pick-up time at Brittan Acres

After Two Traffic Accidents Near Schools…Increased Concern

The San Carlos Police Bureau sent out a traffic alert today asking for drivers to slow down near schools. While the message didn’t include specific reference to two recent traffic accidents in San Carlos, school administrators, teachers and parents are increasingly concerned about the safety of children getting to and from school. On September 15th, [...]

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